Amanda Warren

Hello! My name is Mandy Pederson and I am so excited to be on the 1st grade team at Blue Mountain Elementary School! I am originally from Verona, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2007 (Go Badgers!). Over the last 8 years I have taught elementary school in Wisconsin, Florida and Colorado. I just returned to the USA after 2 years of service in the Peace Corps. I lived in the Kingdom of Tonga (a South Pacific island nation) and taught English to elementary school students. Outside of school I like to run, take pictures, travel, and spend time with my brother and sister (who both live in Colorado, too!). I’m thrilled to be part of the Blue Mountain community and look forward to exploring science, technology and inquiry-based learning at a place that reminds me a lot of the elementary school I attended when I was little!

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