IMPORTANT - October Count

October Count is upon us!  From September 24th to October 8th the State of Colorado conducts its annual October Count- with the official Student Count day being October 1st.  During this time consistent student attendance is imperative- without it we cannot receive state funding for our students!  Please try to refrain from taking your child on trips or personal days during this 11 day window.  If your child needs to miss a day due to illness, please be sure to contact the office and provide doctors notes.

Kindergarten enjoys Genius Hour

During Genius hour in Mrs. Cruger’s morning kindergarten class, students inquired into the question “What is it like to be a doctor?”.  Thanks to an informative visit and presentation from Dr. Jennifer Blattner, students learned about different types of doctors, the tools doctors use, and how doctors help people.  Students then shared what they learned through writing and drawing.

Fundraiser for Children and Families in Need

PLEASE HELP CHILDREN AND NEEDY FAMILIES! Fundraiser for CharityIn Memory of Maddy GraylessAll Day on September 27, 2015It’s So Easy – Eat Pizza and Support Charities!IMPORTANT: MUST Order Online and Use Coupon Code: CSSThank you for your support! J 

Principal's Update 9.24.15

All parents:  Classroom teachers will be sharing (electronically) their Parent Teacher Conference Schedule with you today (September 24). Please select a day/time that works for you to come and meet with your child's teacher.  Conference dates are October 6, 8, and 14.  Our goal is to have 100% participation in Parent-Teacher Conferences! 

Elementary schools explore the Genius Hour

“What animals have gone extinct?” “How are butterfly wings so thin, yet strong?” “What can I do to help orcas in captivity?” -

These are just a few questions explored during Genius Hour by elementary students at Indian Peaks and Blue Mountain schools.

PTO News

PTO would like to thank everyone who stepped up to volunteer for the open Turkey Trot positions.  At this time all spots are filled!  YAY!  We will be sending out more information on other volunteer opprotunities closer to the event.

Book Fair

Book Fair will be here in 2 weeks!  We are in need of volunteers to run the registers!  If you would like to volunteer please visit:  If you would like to sign up directly with the chairperson contact Kelly at  .  Thank you for helping to make this a great event!  The Book Fair will be open Friday, October 2- Friday, October 9 BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL!  For Hours of operation

Principal's Update 9.17.15

It has been a GREAT week at Blue Mountain!  The first 2 days of our 100 Mile Club were very well attended, with nearly 100 students running each morning.  The two-day total was 350 miles! Just awesome!  Thanks to Ms. Pollock for organizing the 100 Mile Club again this year, and to our parent volunteers who help count laps each morning!

Principal's Update 9.10.15

We have had a great week!  Picture Day is always a fun adventure and this year was no exception!  If you still want to purchase the school pictures, please turn in your money by Friday.  

Have you asked your child about Genius Hour?  Be sure to ask them about what they are studying, what their focus question is, and who their intended audience is!  You will be very impressed with the variety of topics that students choose to research, and what their depth of knowledge is about their selected topic!  

SCIENCE CURRICULUM: The way we teach science has changed!

Instruction aligned to the NGSS (next generation science standards) represents significant innovations in science classrooms. One of the biggest innovations is that instruction based on the NGSS involves students using their understanding of fundamental science principles to make sense of phenomena (things that happen that students can see in the world around them). Students need science classes that allow them to build learning related to multiple standards over a longer period of time.