Gifted and Talented

The staff of Blue Mountain is committed to meeting the needs of “Every Child, Every Day”.  Some examples of strategies used to meet the needs of individual students include: flexible grouping based on academic needs (within a grade level and cross grade level), single subject grade acceleration based on individual student needs, individualized units of study, and curriculum compacting.

Students identified as Gifted receive additional support from the G/T teacher, Shannan Olson.  Students participate in Enrichment Language Arts and/or Math classes twice each week.  As space allows, students who are high achieving, but not identified as Gifted, are included in the Enrichment classes. Other enrichment opportunities include Invention Convention, Equations (a math game/competition), and Math Olympiad.

Mrs. Olson also consults with the classroom teachers on differentiated learning opportunities for G/T students, so their learning needs are met daily, not just during the pull-out classes.

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