Book Fair

Book Fair will be here in 2 weeks!  We are in need of volunteers to run the registers!  If you would like to volunteer please visit:  If you would like to sign up directly with the chairperson contact Kelly at  .  Thank you for helping to make this a great event!  The Book Fair will be open Friday, October 2- Friday, October 9 BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL!  For Hours of operation

Principal's Update 9.17.15

It has been a GREAT week at Blue Mountain!  The first 2 days of our 100 Mile Club were very well attended, with nearly 100 students running each morning.  The two-day total was 350 miles! Just awesome!  Thanks to Ms. Pollock for organizing the 100 Mile Club again this year, and to our parent volunteers who help count laps each morning!

Principal's Update 9.10.15

We have had a great week!  Picture Day is always a fun adventure and this year was no exception!  If you still want to purchase the school pictures, please turn in your money by Friday.  

Have you asked your child about Genius Hour?  Be sure to ask them about what they are studying, what their focus question is, and who their intended audience is!  You will be very impressed with the variety of topics that students choose to research, and what their depth of knowledge is about their selected topic!  

SCIENCE CURRICULUM: The way we teach science has changed!

Instruction aligned to the NGSS (next generation science standards) represents significant innovations in science classrooms. One of the biggest innovations is that instruction based on the NGSS involves students using their understanding of fundamental science principles to make sense of phenomena (things that happen that students can see in the world around them). Students need science classes that allow them to build learning related to multiple standards over a longer period of time.

Book Fair

Book Fair is right around the corner!  The fair will begin Friday, October 2 and run through Friday October 9. Please look for the volunteer sign up link in next week's update!

Volunteers Needed in Art

If you would like to volunteer and help upload art work to Artsonia please contact Ms. Brubaker at   It is a super easy process to learn and volunteering times are very flexible.  Blue Mountain Elementary makes 20% off every sale made at the site.  The students, parents and relatives love seeing student artwork published. Thank you for considering helping with with important project.  We are only able to upload artwork due to the support of wonderful volunteers.  

Free/Reduced Lunch Program

Families who wish to apply for free/reduced lunch may do so at any time during the year. A new application MUST be filled out every year. Applications are always avalible in the office for pickup or you can also fill one out online at


Math Olympiad


In this addition, different letters represent different digits. What is the value of ME?


Vision and Hearing

Vision and Hearing is over, and it was a success!  I had 3 parent volunteers each day!  Thanks to the parents that helped make it a sucess.  It was great getting to know you all.  A special "thank you" to the PTO for providing lunch on Monday, it was fantastic!  We also had 7 nursing students from Denver join us as a part of their pediatric rotation, which helped everything run smoothly.  I'm so proud of our students, the visiting helpers said they couldn't believe how well behaved and good mannered they all were.  A pat on the back to a

Curriculum Night/Parent Update Meeting- September 3

Please join us this Thursday for our annual Grade Level Curriculum Night and Parent Update meeting, from 5:30 -6:30 p.m.!  This year we are adding a technology demonstration showcasing some of our new learning tools.  This is a great way for parents to connect with their child's teachers and learn about what's new at the school this year.