Math Olympiad

Are you smarter than a 5th grader at BMES?  How about a 4th grader?  Can you solve this problem is 4 minutes?

Sample Math Olympiad problem:   Dana has some trading cards. She divides her cards into 5 equal groups with none left over. She then divides one of the groups into 4 piles of 3 cards each and has 2 cards left over. How many cards does she have in all? (the solution is at the bottom of the Weekly Update).


2015 Earth Day at Blue Mountain Elementary

Blue Mountain Elementary School celebrated Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22 with a series of events and guest speakers.

A little bit of movement yields big results

Brain-based research tells us that physical activity promotes emotional and social health, while increasing memory, concentration and processing speeds. Movement also boosts academic achievement and reduces behavior and discipline issues. On the flip side, too much sitting causes strain on the spinal column, fatigue, restlessness and lowered concentration.

Physical Activity Grant Gets Students Moving