Introducing: LYNX to Movement

LYNX to Movement

In an effort to increase movement and decrease traffic, Blue Mountain Elementary is proud to announce Lynx to Movement!  Families are encouraged to carpool, walk, or bike to school!  You can:  Carpool to the bus stop, walk to the bus stop, carpool to school, park on the street and walk to the school, ride your bike or scooter… it ALL counts!!  

Each day students will be recording if they participated in Lynx to Movement.  Additionally,  each Friday, representatives from Student Council or NEHS will be handing out stickers before school to those students who carpool, bike or walk to school!

At the end of each month, we will collect data from each class on how many students are participating.  We will have special incentives and contests each month!  

The first day to record data will be Monday, October 5, and the first “Sticker Friday” will be October 9!

Come join the FUN!!  

Blue Mountain Elementary School